Performing stand-alone restore (bare-metal recovery)

Performing stand-alone restore (bare-metal recovery)

To perform a stand-alone restore of Model9 full volume dumps, a recovery program can be IPLed over the network using a standard feature of the system zHMC and restore volumes located in the network-attached storage or detachable media.
The stand-alone restore process is usually used to recover a one-pack system (light-weight IPLable z/OS system on one volume) that has a Model9 agent installed. Once the one-pack system is up and running, it is easy to start the agent and restore the rest of the data using the Model9 web UI or CLI commands.
In order to perform stand-alone restore, IBM DFSMSdss can be IPLed over the network using three special files that can be obtained from IBM shopz by choosing z/OS Driving Systems in the “Create new order” main page. The files should be saved under the management server $MODEL9_HOME/SAbackups directory as part of the Model9 installation:
  • DFSMSDSS.ins
See the Installation guide for more details.

Creating a full dump of your one pack system

Create a standard full dump of the one-pack system disk as part of the current volume full dump policy. It is possible to use any of the following compression types:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
If the original full dump was created using DFDSS_GZIP, it will not be possible to create a stand-alone copy of it.

Preparing a stand-alone copy

A stand-alone copy can be created manually by selecting the “Prepare Stand-Alone Copy” option from the 3-dot menu in the UI, as mentioned in Preparing a full volume dump for stand-alone restore.
The activity’s log displays information pertaining to the stand-alone copy, including:
  • Source volume, backup date and size
  • Output directory path, name and size of each dump section
  • Restore command required for restoring data from the stand-alone copy

Performing stand-alone restore from an FTP source

The stand-alone restore from an FTP source can be performed using a server with an FTP service that can be reached from the HMC. Copy the 3 DFDSS files and the stand-alone copy to an accessible directory on that server. If using the Model 9 management server, verify that you have an FTP service installed. The stand-alone restore is performed from the HMC by choosing recovery -> load from removable media or server:
Choose the media that holds the stand alone copy.
IPL the system.