Introduction to Cloud Data Management for Mainframe

Model9 Cloud Data Management for Mainframe is a suite of products, built on a scalable, secured and robust platform and allows our customers to accelerate their data-led journey to the cloud.
With mainframe data being the most mission critical data in the largest enterprises in the world, our platform provides end-to-end mainframe data management. Model9 Cloud Data platform consolidates the functionality of multiple storage, backup and tape management products into a single, software-defined secondary data management solution that eliminates the need for physical and virtual tape libraries.
Model9 Cloud Data Management for Mainframe architecture
Model9 dramatically reduces costs and complexity by enabling you to leverage a hybrid multi-cloud environment for all your mainframe secondary data needs, including storage, backup, long-term archive, disaster recovery, and lifecycle management. Once mainframe data is in the cloud, Model9 make it available for any cloud analytics tools, to improve decision making, build better products and improve revenue.
With Model9 Gravity, we make mainframe data available for cloud-native AI/ML and analytics tools. Mainframe Db2 Image Copies and archive logs, VSAM data sets, and sequential files are easily transformed to CSV and other open file formats, stored directly in any cloud object storage.
With Model9 Shield, we apply multiple layers of security measures to protect the most critical and sensitive data in an immutable repository, in the cloud. Also, Model9 Shield allows to recover fast, have the data been compromised, on a data set level, volume level or the entire site, to allow business operations at minimal disruption.
With Model9 Manager, we help our customers protect and manage mainframe data in the cloud. Model9 Manager consists of one or more agents running on z/OS and transferring data to and from a public or private cloud, or on-premises NAS or SAN. A management server is also connected to the agents and object storage, providing management and reporting tools.