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Preparing your environment


Verify that the following items are configured correctly.

Object Storage

The target cloud or on-premise object storage, must be pre-configured to accept either http or https connections.
The object storage credentials should be supplied to both the Model9 agent(s) and server.

Model9 Agent

The Model9 agent started task, which runs on z/OS, needs to be initialized completely and can be identified with the following initialization message: ZM91000I MODEL9 BACKUP AGENT INITIALIZED

Model9 Server

The Model9 server docker container needs to be initialized and configured correctly. Verify the following settings are in-place:
  • License
  • Master agent details
  • Object storage details
Verify the server is fully initialized

Create agent

Select the AGENTS tab from the top menu:
Initially, there are no agents defined into the management server.
Add a new agent by clicking on the ADD NEW AGENT button as seen below:
Fill in the following details in the popup:
  • Agent's name
  • z/OS IP address or DNS address
  • Agent's port
After the agent is created a new entry will be presented in table, see example below: