Getting started

Before you start

Log in to the Model9 management server requires SAF permission to: M9.UI.LOGIN
The following administrator tasks require SAF permission to M9.UI.ROLE.ADMIN:
  • Managing policies
  • Managing agents
  • Deleting resources
Main login page for the Model9 Cloud:
For more information regarding the used SAF profiles see Model9 SAF Profiles

Log in to the management server

From your browser, enter the management server’s URL. Log in using your SAF user ID and password as defined in the LPAR where the “master agent” is active. The server can connect to multiple agents, but the login is controlled by the one that is defined in the “master agent” section of the server configuration file.

Add a New Agent

Select the AGENTS tab from the top menu:
Initially, there are no agents defined to the management server.
Add a new agent as instructed in Defining a new agent. Any agent can be added, as long as it is first created and activated in the mainframe.

Define Your First Policy

Select the POLICIES tab from the top menu. When logging in for the first time, no policies exist.
Define a new policy as instructed in Creating a new policy to be executed at the agent that you previously defined. Running a policy will create an activity. To view the activity, select the ACTIVITIES tab from the top menu and view the activity status, as described in Monitoring activities.

Log Out of the Management Server

Select the “Log Out” option from the top right 3-dot menu: