Backing up the catalogs

Model9 doesn't block the ability to backup ICF catalogs. However, given that catalogs are usually open for update and are not independent data sets, it is highly recommended to back up ICF catalogs in two stages.

The suggested approach provides better data integrity for the backups and facilitates granular restore in a controlled manner. This approach also reduces the chances for SYSIGGV2 catalog lockouts that may occur while running multiple DFDSS processes.

DFDSS holds the SYSIGGV2 resource while backing up the catalog, which may lead to contentions and even deadlocks. For more information see the link below:

Two steps for backing up ICF catalogs:

  1. Use your pre installed catalog backup solution, to backup the ICF catalog into a physical sequential data set written to DASD. Use a generation based data set to ease the generation management. If you do not have such a tool, use a stand alone DFDSS DUMP job.

  2. Archive the new generation using Model9 ARCHIVE CLI command or policy to redirect the sequential data set containing the catalog backup to the object storage, AND make sure you exclude the catalog files from your normal backups.

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