Working with Model9 storage optimizer

Optimizing resources in object storage

Storage optimizer is a batch process that runs on z/OS and performs cleanup operations on resources. Resources that were written to the object storage but were incomplete will be handled by the storage optimizer. The process is designed in order to optimize the object storage consumption and to protect unwanted data removal.

Running storage optimizer

Before running for the first time

  • Associate the same user-id to the Model9 z/OS agent and for the storage optimizer process. Running storage optimizer requires the userid to have READ access to: M9.LIFECYCLE.CLOUD.STORAGEOPTIMIZER

  • A storage optimizer process can be associated with one resource complex only. Define a storage optimizer process per each resource complex.

  • Only one storage optimizer process can run simultaneously for the same resource process.

  • By default, all LPARS in a SYSPLEX are associated with the same resource complex, named “group-<sysplex-name>”. Running storage optimizer in any LPAR will delete the incomplete data in the whole SYSPLEX.

Running for the first time

  • The storage optimizer process can be activated in a simulation mode, meaning it will report the resources that would have been deleted without actually deleting them.

Running regularly

  • It is recommended to run a storage optimizer process

Lifecycle action storage-optimizer

Parameters description

The sample JCL M9STORO can be found at the Model9 SAMPLIB PDS. The PWD parameter should point to the agent installation directory.







Life cycle runs in simulation mode, meaning no actual deletes occur




The target storage to be scanned (only cloud is supported)






The action to be performed




The range of data directories scan within the object storage




Minimal amount of days for a cloud object to be considered as incomplete thus making it eligible for optimization


Process output DDs

The storage optimizer opens three output DD files, see the table below for details about each DD.

DD Name



Where the IBM Java output information


Where the entire output of the Model9 storage optimizer process including a periodic summary that is printed every 5 minutes


Holds the names of resources that were optimized from the object storage


The storage optimizer sample JCL can be found within the SAMPLIB PDS deployed during the Model9 agent installation or upgrade phase. The member's name is M9STORO and by default, set to scan for resources older than 30 days in simulation mode only.

The sample output below demonstrates how the STDOUT output DD would like when running the storage optimizer process.

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