Initiating Model9 server API

Initiating management server policies from z/OS

The M9SAPI JCL procedure is used to edit and run Model9 policies directly from z/OS.

Customizing the M9SAPI procedure

The procedure and a sample job are located in the Model9 SAMPLIB data set, see the Installation guide for more details.

Creating an API key

Only applicable for Model9 administrators

Select the “Manage API Keys” from the top left 3-dot menu:

Create a new API key using the “GENERATE NEW API KEY” button:

A popup window is displayed, enter the Delegated User name that is to be used by the job running the M9SAPI procedure and the if the API key should be allowed to edit policies:

Copy the API key to a sequential data set in the LPAR from which you intend to run M9SAPI:

The API key can be updated by selecting the “Edit” option of the 3-dot menu:

Update and save:

The API key can be deleted by selecting the “Delete” option of the 3-dot menu.

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