Problem determination

Server status

The AGENTS screen contains configuration and connectivity status of the server's components:

Download Server Logs

The "Download Server Logs" button downloads a zip file containing the compressed server logs, including:

  • The catalina, localhost, manager, hostmanager logs, which are different tomcat components.

  • The model9* logs, containing the server application's log.

Sync with storage

When deleting archived, backed up and imported data sets using Life cycle management or the a CLI command, the data set might still be visible in the web UI. To update the web UI, the management server performs an automatic synchronization with the storage device every 5 minutes. A "Sync With Storage" button is available in the AGENTS screen to initiate the process on demand. This action requires “admin” permission. A message is displayed in the AGENTS page when the action is completed.

Output DD description

DD Card



JZOS related information during startup


Agent: All messages, according to the debug level defined in the relevant configuration file. The default level is INFO.

Life cycle management: Model9 messages


Life cycle management: utility messages

Where to look for error messages


Where to look


Automatic recall


When automatic recall is initiated, the requesting address space waits for up to 25 seconds (can be configured) for the recall to complete. If the recall does not complete within this time limit, a message is issued and the request is cancelled. The messages in the agent’s log specify the reason for failure.



When encountering a problem in the CLI, full error messages will appear in the agent’s log.

Backup/archive/ restore/recall

UI Backup Log

The backup log contains the original output of the utilities invoked by Model9.

Server issues including policy run

Policy Run Log

Server’s log

Agent’s STDOUT

The policy run log is accessible from the UI

The server’s logs can be downloaded from the AGENTS screen, see Server Status for more details.

Agent startup



If the agent ends with RC=102, it might suggest an issue with the file. Add the LOGLVL='+T' parameter to the agent PROC, restart the agent and search for errors under the JVMJZBL1005I message in the SYSOUT DD.

If the problem requires diagnosis by the Model9 support team and you’ve been requested to supply the logs, please use the utility described in the Model9 logs collector section to extract the information and send it to the local distributor of Model9 or email to

Model9 logs collector

When reporting a Model9 issue, please attach the following logs:


Collection method


Use root or sudo to run the shell script located in the following path:$MODEL9_HOME/Utilities/

The script will create a tar.gz file in $MODEL9_HOME with the current date, for example: logs.2018-10-16-11.10.06.rhel73-server1.tar.gz

In some cases it would suffice to attach the Model9 server logs. See Download Server Logs for more details.


Extract the M9AGENT JOB output

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