Verifying z/OS agent prerequisites

Use the verification scripts that were supplied with the installation package to verify the z/OS system is ready for installation and that all prerequisites have been completed.
The scripts verify the following prerequisites:
  • Java version
  • Status of the RACF class PROGRAM
  • Availability of network ports
  • Firewall rules permitting access to target storage
The following information must be supplied to run the script:
  • z/OS Java home directory
  • Temporary work directory
  • Object storage IP/DNS and port
To run the verification script:
  1. 1.
    Upload the z/OS verification JCL from, under /PrereqsScripts/zOS. Use ASCII transfer type.
  2. 2.
    Edit and the JCL according to instructions in the comment, submit and review the RC and messages in SYSTSPRT DD.
All verification tests ended successfully
RACF CLASS PROGRAM is active - or -
Object storage connectivity was refused (port might be down)
Java version not compatible
- or -
Path not valid
- or -
Object storage is unavailable
Java version did not print any output