Management Server

Supported values
Linux Virtual or physical machine, Linux on Intel or Linux on z
Minimum 4 cores
Minimum 8 GBs of memory
Minimum 1 Gb network bandwidth
Instance should have at least 8GB of memory
The root filesystem has at least 8GB of storage space
The data filesystem has at least 40GB of storage space
IBM APAR OA59934 - Optional in order to use port 80 and 443
Linux distribution
RHEL 7 and up
SuSE 12 and up
Ubuntu 16 and up
Note: Local admin privileges are required during installation
Additional software packages
docker (version 18 or above) or podman (version 4.4.1 or above)
unzip vi/vim
Java version
JRE 1.8 64-bit
Disk storage
/var/lib/docker Minimum of 4 GBs
/data/model9 Minimum of 40 GBs
Local firewall
Disabled or maintained by customer
Date and Time
Linux UTC time must match z/OS time The UTC Date/Time can be displayed on Linux and z/OS USS using the command: date -u
Supported Browsers
Google Chrome 80 and above Mozilla Firefox 74 and above